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XMP, also known as Mapt.Coin, is the native cryptocurrency created on the XRPL of all Mapt.ODL projects and platforms.

More about XMP

There are 10bn XMP created and no more will ever be minted, making XMP deflationary.

XMP has a formal launch of between £1.26 - £2.89 per XMP, with possible initial use cases totalling £28bn per year.  This valuation is based on two projects - our NFT minting and marketing platform and Swiss utility bill payers.

Invest in green energy

We always ensure compliance

Although Mapt.ODL is not a banking application, we’re working hard with Blockchain Advisors to ensure ISO 20022 compliance.

ISO 20022 migration is pushing banks to examine existing payment pain points such as onboarding, monitoring and processing within core banking applications, so we’ve taken the view that it offers a good compliance framework to future-proof the cryptocurrency.