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T-XMP® Payments

Mapt. ODL, creators of XMP in answer to the the global issue of the lack of renewable energy capital offer a solution with a capability to to create new capital plus assist all partners into a carbon negative environment.
A combined partnered patented technology between XMP and our tech partner, creating the UK's answer to Ripple XRP - T-XMP®.
T-XMP® is a new payment messaging system that is faster, more cost effective and greener than any blockchain.
The unique technology and digital currency, with it's reduction in costs and increases in speed and capacity, creates a new capital income stream termed as a "green levy" for any Institution, Government or Corporation that will subsequently be invested into new Renewable Energy and Humanitarian projects which in turn will contribute to said parties ESG scoring, which ultimately reflects in their share price.
The T-XMP® protocol is a transferrable solution that can be implemented into any financial utility, including energy distribution, EV charging infrastructure & non developed nations that need Renewable Energy infrastructure funding.
ISO 20022 is T-XMP® native format:
T-XMP® is designed to use ISO 20022 as its internal data format. ISO 20022, in and of itself, does not
support real-time transactions or users with multiple credentials. Because of this, we set out how we
would work with the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, amongst others, to extend the ISO
message definitions to rectify these issues.
To conform to ISO 20022, a Cryptocurrency system must be able to transmit transaction and customer data alongside its transaction and store these, either in the blockchain or a connected database. The blockchain cannot store ISO 20022 messages, so most systems that attempt to use
the standard will store pointers to external data sources. This adds additional steps to a transaction, increases costs and data storage requirements, and increases the energy consumption of the blockchain. T-XMP® removes these issues.
T-XMP® can process transactions in any currency and supports real-time conversion between currencies. It automatically transmits the data necessary for each transaction type in ISO 20022 format and retains that information for the period required by the relevant regulators. It eliminates the additional steps and costs legacy systems require to implement the standard and will set the new standard for ISO 20022 conformance.


Mapt.ODL is investing in pioneering renewable energy projects in the UK and Switzerland.

Green Index Compliant

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