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At Mapt.ODL we aim to work with like-minded individuals and businesses that want to make a change in the world we live in.

Even though Mapt.ODL is still in its infancy, we have developed key partnerships in a short period of time, including major energy companies and governments.

Mountview Capital

Mountview arrange equity and investments across commercial and residential property, and renewable energy projects. They provide project finance services for every technology within the renewable energy sector. These include solar, biomass, wind, hydrogen, biofuel, wasted energy and battery storage. 

Mapt.ODL is one of Mountview Capital’s funders on various other renewable projects.


Traditional financial securities such as stocks, bonds and other real world assets are increasingly moving to blockchain infrastructure. This happens due to the many benefits of this technology, such as lightning fast settlement, 24x7 trading, access to international investors and a significantly increased liquidity.

A security on the blockchain is termed a tokenised security – or a security token. Shares and bonds are digitised and the online trading of these digital securities becomes possible without relying on any middlemen.

The World Economic Forum predicts that 10% of the global GDP ($7.8 trillion) will be stored on the blockchain by 2027.

DigiShares is focused on the tokenisation of large physical assets, such as real estate, infrastructure, solar and wind.

Green Financing



Implementing market strategies for crypto projects using algorithmic trading systems and deep market experience






Wintermute offers institutions, OTC desks, aggregators and qualified individuals competitive tailor-made prices in spot markets across most major vetted coins. They are able to offer the best quotes in the market thanks to our proprietary pricing and trading algorithms, as well as advanced low latency technologies. 

Mapt.ODL operates OTC via Wintermute for its private high wealth clients.


Mapt.ODL have have appointed Jumio as its KYC/AML partner. The KYX solution which will be key to various Mapt.ODL products to preventing financial crime supporting biometric based identity verifications. We want our community to understand we take AML/KYC seriously and what better way to do it than to partner with industry leaders.




Next big cryptocurrency
Invest in Cryptocurrency UK


Mapt.ODL has partnered up with LBANK, a world class digital asset exchange platform.

By partnering up with LBANK, it allows Mapt.ODL to push the release of our highly awaited cryptocurrency, XMP (Mapt.Coin).

XMP will be going live on LBANK and will be accessible to millions globally.





By partnering with greyzip, we hope to uncover a digital marketing strategy that achieves results where we need them the most. 
greyzip have been appointed to handle the SEO side of things as well provide their brilliant press release services to ensure everyone is talking about Mapt.ODL.


Sustainable Investment
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Knightsbridge PR

Old school PR is long gone, large monthly retainers with every promise of achieving top coverage. We are the new age of PR, that deliver on our promise of achieving specific coverage. We strive to keep PR hassle-free for our clients and deliver strong results.