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Mapt. Blockchain

Mapt.Blockchain is an innovative eco-friendly blockchain solution which could play a crucial role in meeting global environmental targets.


Mapt.Blockchain will be Europe’s first Green Index compliant blockchain and is an innovative eco-friendly blockchain solution with huge potential to play a crucial role in our future on Earth.

With a level of complexity that is uncommon in the business today, this system addresses pressing sustainable issues. The blockchain itself will sit on a 250 MW Renewable Energy site in Scotland. 

Incentivising sustainability

There is a distinction between Bitcoin and its consensus mechanism and other energy-efficient blockchains that use different consensus mechanisms in terms of energy consumption.

Mapt.Blockchain will be operated by a 250MW renewable energy site in Scotland. The play for greener companies here will be that XMP coins purchased via our OTC will be invested into the expansion and maintenance of the renewable energy site.

That means companies without their own green actions would benefit from investment into green sustainability projects, which will in turn reflect in their Green Index Score and share price.

Green Energy Cryptocurrency