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How to sign up and buy coins on LBank? Part 1. 

We have already talked about our coin’s listing on LBank, but how do you buy XMP there?
The next two posts are dealing with exactly that! The first post about the sign-up process on LBank!


1. Go to the website and click “Register”

How to buy XMP

2. Enter your email and make a password

How to buy XMP 2

3. Make sure the consent box is ticked, click “Register”

How to buy XMP 3

4. Solve the reCaptcha

How to buy XMP 4

5. Check your email for the verification code

How to buy XMP 5

6. Copy the code from the email

How to buy XMP 6

7. Paste the code in the corresponding field and click “Register”

How to buy XMP 7

All done! You’re signed up!
The next post will be dealing with how to buy coins!



How to sign up and buy coins on LBank? Part 2

In our previous post we talked about how to sign up on LBank! Now onto buying the coins!

1. Go to the main page. Hover your cursor over “Wallet”, choose “Spot” in the drop-down menu

How Buy XMP Pt 2. 1

2. You are now looking at your wallet balance

How Buy XMP Pt 2. 2

3. Choose the coin you want to deposit, which in our case is USDT. Click “Deposit”

How Buy XMP Pt 2. 3

4. The notice warning us that the address is for deposits only will pop up, click “Agree”

How Buy XMP Pt 2. 4

5. Choose the network you’re sending the coins over, the system will provide you with the corresponding address. Click “Copy”

How Buy XMP Pt2.5

6. If you’re sending USDT from an exchange, click “Withdraw” and put the deposit address you were given in the previous step

How Buy XMP Pt 2. 6

7. Wait for the network confirmation. Once it goes through, your wallet has been topped up!
Now you can buy XMP with USDT. Click “Trade” on the LBank website

How Buy XMP Pt 2. 7

8. You are then presented with the trading interface. Choose USD in the top left and search for XMP in the search bar

How Buy XMP Pt 2. 8

9. Click on the corresponding entry in the search results

How Buy XMP Pt 2. 3

10. Make sure the token is Mapt.Coin (XMP), check the logo

How Buy XMP Pt 2. 10

11. On the right side of the screen you’ll see the order book. We want to buy the token, so we want the best available price. The current sellers are listed in red. Choose the best price on the list, click it.

How Buy XMP Pt 2. 11

12. The price is automatically copied in the corresponding field. We’ll just have to set the amount of XMP tokens we want to buy, then click “BUY XMP”

How Buy XMP Pt 2. 13

13. And now your order is placed.

How Buy XMP Pt 2. 14

14. Go to your wallet and check that the coins are now in your possession

How Buy XMP Pt 2. 15