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Invest in green energy

We are a digital asset operator and creators of the XMP global payment consensus to create renewable energy infrastructure capital

Mapt. ODL, creators of XMP in answer to the the global issue of the lack of renewable energy capital offer a solution with a capability to to create new capital plus assist all partners into a carbon negative environment.
A combined partnered patented technology between XMP and our tech partner, creating the UK's answer to Ripple XRP - T-XMP®.
T-XMP® is a new payment messaging system that is faster, more cost effective and greener than any blockchain.
The unique technology and digital currency, with it's reduction in costs and increases in speed and capacity, creates a new capital income stream termed as a "green levy" for any Institution, Government or Corporation that will subsequently be invested into new Renewable Energy and Humanitarian projects which in turn will contribute to said parties ESG scoring, which ultimately reflects in their share price.
The T-XMP® protocol is a transferrable solution that can be implemented into any financial utility, including energy distribution, EV charging infrastructure & non developed nations that need Renewable Energy infrastructure funding.

ISO 20022 is T-XMP® native format

T-XMP® is designed to use ISO 20022 as its internal data format. ISO 20022, in and of itself, does not support real-time transactions or users with multiple credentials. Because of this, we set out how we would work with the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, amongst others, to extend the ISO
message definitions to rectify these issues.


Mapt.ODL have created and minted our own cryptocurrency coins, XMP.

When the coins were being minted, Mapt.ODL built into their coding that no new coins can ever be minted (much unlike traditional fiat currency). This makes XMP a deflationary coin which the markets would expect to always go up in value as further projects go live.

This in turn increases XMP’s utility, thus increasing the demand and creating the scarcity needed to produce a stable and value increasing coin.

Also, as Mapt.ODL will have a large property portfolio stabilising the company, you can be confident XMP is a stable cryptocurrency that’s protected from significant price volatility.

This is unlike any other cryptocurrency on the market and can be used on a diverse and lucrative portfolio of projects.



We understand the consumption issues around crypto-related industries. Which is why we are passionate about developing innovative, sustainable solutions to reduce the environmental impact of blockchain operations, NFT operations and crypto mining.

Real Estate

At Mapt.ODL, we’re ideally placed to deliver competitive acquisitions and effective management, whilst also having the expertise to add value to potential investments. Our large property portfolio sits as an income generating portfolio which stabilises the company. 


Mapt.Blockchain will be Europe’s first Green Index Compliant blockchain; an innovative eco-friendly blockchain solution with huge potential to play a crucial role in the green energy sector. Our blockchain will operate on a 250 MW renewable energy site. 


XMP, also known as Mapt.Coin is the native cryptocurrency currently created on the XRPL used for all Mapt.ODL projects and platforms.

10bn XMP have been created and no more will be minted making XMP a deflationary coin. XMP or Mapt.Coin has possible use cases totalling £28bn per year. To learn more about XMP and the projects Mapt.Coin will be used for, click below to visit our XMP page.

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